Rev. Stuart Howes

"I'm Reverend Stuart. I'm married to Vicki and have a daughter called Amelie, as well as a tortiose called Hermione. I'm a very lucky fellow!


I was ordained in June 2017. Before that I was a music teacher in a secondary school in my native Black Country, (having been born and raised in West Bromwich).

I'm really glad of the opportunity I've been given to come to St Giles' in Shrewsbury and work alongside Rev Andrew as well as others at the Church.

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming here.

I enjoy being able to worship as well as lead worship at a church that offers such variety in its worship programme. I get to use the Book of Common Prayer, (which I'm a fan of) here and at St Eata's Church in Atcham as well as help lead our contemporary worship at Café Church, Messy Church and others.

I love music and I play the trumpet and guitar. On weekends I play the part of John Lennon in a Beatles tribute band. I enjoy opportuities to use my love of music in worship and will be very often seen strumming my guitar, whether people want me to or not!"

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Sunday Services

8am Eucharist

(Book of Common Prayer)

9.30am Family Eucharist

(Common Worship)