If you're new to St Giles', or new to Church, you're guaranteed a warm welcome.

Here's some frequently asked questions to put you at ease.

Q: I have a young child, they can be quite noisy. I'm afriad that he/she will disturb the people.

A: Whether you have a new born, toddler or older, we have a rule at St Giles': Let children be children! We have a childrens' area near the front where there are activities (colouring, games, books to read etc) which you are free to use. But please do not feel you need to spend the service "shushing" your child!

Q: What about that bit with the bread and wine where everyone goes up to the front? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.

A: Everyone is invited to the altar to recieve the bread and wine, (sometimes refered to as the body and blood of Jesus), which is what we do to remember and give thanks to Jesus for all he did for us.Not everyone wants to recieve this and so we offer to pray for them and give them God's blessing. If this is the case then just come up and bring your order of service with you so that we know. Please note, we do offer gluten free bread

Q: Are there toilet facilities?

A: Yes. There is a toilet with disabled access and baby changing facilitites.

Q: I am hard of hearing, is there a loop?

A: Yes. Please do ask for details when you arrive.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Whatever you feel comfortable in. Some people like to wear their "sunday best" and others like to dress casually. There are no rules!

Q: Where do I sit?

A: Anywhere you like! It's really that simple.

Q: I don't carry money with me, what about when the plate comes 'round?

A: We ask that people give what they can to help fund the life of the church, but it is also not an issue to let the plate pass you by. We realise that giving can be an issue for some people. Nobody is judged on what they do or don't give.

Q: What if I want to explore more? Who do I talk to?

A: Click here for a picture of our Rector but we have a large ministry team here. One of our congregation can point them out, but we are all a friendly bunch and love a good chat!

Q: My eyesight isn't what it was, I have trouble reading small print. Will I struggle to follow the service?

A: We offer large print orders of service and hymn books. Some of our services are on our big screen at the front if you prefer that.

Q: I still can't find what I'm after. What do I do?

A: Please do go to our contact page (link at the top) and message us if there are any questions not covered on this page and we'll be happy to help.

Q: Is there parking at the church?

A: There is limited parking on Wenlock Road outside the church, but on Sundays we are also able to park at Prestfelde School on London Road.

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Sunday Services

8am Eucharist

(Book of Common Prayer)

9.30am Family Eucharist

(Common Worship)